The Natural World

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It was a silent night. 

The 4 year old me sat in front of the television, watching cartoons with interest. My baby sister lay sleeping in the room, with out a care in the world while my father dutifully sat beside her, reading a book in the soft light of the bed lamp. My grandparents were sitting on the couch behind me, lost in their own chatter. My mother suddenly returned into the cottage we were residing in with gleeful eyes, and ushered the 4 of us (My father, grandparents and I) outside.

And we all were truly awestruck.

In the beautiful dark velvet we call the night sky, were gazillion of starts shimmering and beckoning all of us to stare at the them in amazement. It was a breathtaking sight, as they continued to glimmer endlessly. Our gazes never left the small view of the vast universe we were able to experience that one night. 

And that was probably one of my most….. fascinating encounters with mother nature in her most purest form. 

Facing The Music

Random Ramblings! ;)

Recently, a member of my family passed away.

To be bitterly honest, I was aware that their morning his condition turned serious that he was edging closer to the skies.

Death, it may seem to be something that people take for granted. They misuse it’s peace and balance, by deciding to end their lives themselves. The people I’m talking about here, aren’t only the people that commit suicide. It’s the people that smoke, do drugs and any other harmful acts against their bodies – to remain ‘happy’. To fulfil their needs. To numb the things they’ve endured, that have left deep scars in their beings.

These addictions may provide a temporary relief, but they harm you in the long run. Not only you though, it hurts the people that love you too.

Ways To Die Enormous



Hello world! It’s been close to a month since I posted anything, so I thought I’d start off here. An amazing list of ways to live your life big, compiled by the talented Robin Sharma. (Although I’m yet to read his highly acclaimed book – “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”) I’ll be back with more pictures, posts and over-all goodness in a while :)


Saussurea obvallata

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Heyo people! Long time since I posted much, been really busy the last few months so I’m sorry for not posting anything up….. :(

Anyways, a few weeks ago, a beautiful flower bloomed in my grandmother’s garden. In our native language, we call it ‘Brahmakamala’, and this flower has the peculiar trait of blooming only in the night during a specific period. When I looked up the english name, it was Saussurea obvallata. A native to the Himalayas and Uttar Pradesh in India, North-Burma and South-West China.

If you’re curious about how I actually captured these picture, I just angled the beam of one of the small torches I had, and VOILA! A beautiful flower, highlighted by the white light. Let me know what you think :)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Pictures.... :)

Long time since I posted ANYTHING up, so here it goes……..

Nicest way to describe colour: A few lights, the backsides of DVD’s, the candles on a cake, the flower decorations on it, Santa on a cupcake, kids playing in the park, perfume bottles (not very clear) and of course – MORE LIGHTS! 

So what did ya guys think? :)


It’s Fun To Smile (Weekly Writing Challenge)

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So…. It’s Phoneography Month! It’s amazing, isn’t it? Oh, so this time the theme is to capture a “real” smile. Capturing a photograph which has hundreds of emotions developed to form one beautiful smile. I have tried capturing these kinds of photographs, but believe me: It wasn’t easy.

BUT let me tell you how I captured an amazing smile, unknowingly.

Basically, our family was invading the privacy of this quiet and solitary farm. Right at the gates, there were two puppies. One was cream and one was a black and brown one. The cream one was tied to a wheel barrow and barked at us as we walked in, while the latter had it’s leash tied around a pole. Of course, we got scared and kept away from them. (Silly, I know!) We entered the mysterious farm and explored for a bit. While walking back, this little guy seemed to be more happy to see us now. And here’s the result of our continuous petting and scratching behind his ears got us. (Ps. I didn’t even know he was grinning until I had put this picture on to my computer! it was awesome just seeing him smile like that! :D) – Image

Now, to look at this from the pup’s perspective! Here we go :

I have waited for these crazy humans to come for ages now! How long does it take to see a FARM, eh? My other human friends had finally untied me, but didn’t let my partner in crime free cause she was still barking. Isn’t she a silly old dog? Wait… I SEE THEM COMING! I wagged my tail happily back and forth as they edged closer. I began to trot towards them, hoping they could see that I really wanted to play. 

Yet, they avoided me. Yes, all over again. At least that’s what I thought before this nice man reached out and scratched my ear. OH MY GOD! That feels awesome. I wagged my tail faster, signifying that I was really REALLY happy. The rest of them then reached down and started to pet me, and all I felt was pure love radiating from their personas. I could here the other ones bark for attention, but that seemed to frighten them even more. Hehe, her loss! Oh, the bliss of being scratched where you can’t reach! 

Sadly, they had to leave. I stared at them helplessly, hoping for more fun and play. They all took their turns in bidding bye-bye to me and the other girl. I smiled at them, glad that they weren’t mean like other people who I’d seen, although a tinge of sadness still lined my thoughts. I was smiling at their behaviour, just as one of them took a snap of me. I bet I looked great! I mean, who can resist puppy dog eyes and a small, cute little bundle of fun and joy?!

This was my contribution to this awesome month ahead. I know it isn’t a loved one as in a person, but who doesn’t love puppies?! And this post, is partially the truth (What I wrote about the picture capture) and the rest is fiction (the pup’s perspective!) So, what did ya guys think? :)



Random Ramblings! ;)

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?


It was the most craziest thing to see 679 people viewing 1 post on ONE day. And to get 27 likes on one post! I was so happy to see this in 2012 and still am in 2013. (I haven’t posted much this year, but I will soon!) Anyways, having an AMAZING total of 25 followers, is too cool. Thank you guys for liking, following and appreciating my work. :)

This whole thing is so surreal to me. I Truly never imagined that my blog would end up like this. Thank you all for supporting me and keeping my blogging experience so inspiring and surprising! :)

This Is My Life

Random Ramblings! ;)

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

At first, I would be tempted like any other person to know my future. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what fate has in store for him?

After thinking about it for a while, I would definitely close the book and throw it into a nearby river of lake. What’s the fun of living life when you already know what’s going to happen in the future? Life isn’t about preventing a problems that come your way, it’s about fighting back at them and learning something new from it. Life is something that should be best left unknown, rather than sulking about what would happen in the future. Life’s about proving yourself. It’s about enjoying little random things everyday. It’s about being thankful to be alive. It’s about smiling more often than frowning. It’s about living.

Life isn’t only about the destination. It’s also about the journey too.

My Bucket List

Random Ramblings! ;)

1. Smile real smiles rather than fakes.

2. Make new friends without forgetting the old ones.

3. Loose some weight. (Haha, just hoping here) ;)

4. Get the grades I need – striving hard to earn them.

5. Understand others before judging them.

6. Watch ANYONE perform live.

7. Meet up with old friends.

8. Open up to the people that care about me, but learn to figure out which of them are glazed in Royal Icing – but underneath are actually rotten bananas.

9. Do things that I find interesting and not what others expect me to do.

10. Write more poems.

11. Blog as often as possible.

12. Finish my story.

13. Learn to be selfless. Even if it progresses to be as big as a grain of rice.

14. Be true to myself.

15. Live my life.

2012 in review… :)

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

And knowing the results made me SUPER HAPPY!! :D I’d like to than all of my beloved followers, comment followers, friends and family. I owe you guys!! :) Thank you for making my 1st year of blogging so amazing! Happy New Year y’all, hope you have a great year ahead! :D

(Ps. Who would be excited about this anyways, apart from myself?! :P )

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.